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2008/07/15/Much ado about transubstantiation +Much ado about transubstantiation  +
2009/04/Assessment of Minimum Income Schemes in Spain +Assessment of Minimum Income Schemes in Spain  +
2011/05/27/Water Use May Decide Future of Centralized Solar Power +Water Use May Decide Future of Centralized Solar Power  +
2011/06/Overworked America +Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil  +
2011/07/02/14 propaganda techniques Fox "News" uses to brainwash Americans +Dr. Cynthia Boaz: 14 propaganda techniques Fox "News" uses to brainwash Americans  +
2011/07/13/What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund +What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund?  +
2011/07/17/1827/link +The Political Lessons Of "Harry Potter"  +
2011/07/17/1834/link +Computers Learn To Play ''Civilization'' By Reading Instruction Manual  +
2011/07/17/1945/link +"Why does she stay with that jerk?"  +
2011/07/17/1956/link +Getting to Crazy  +
2011/07/17/2038/link +Hacker group Anonymous gets blocked from Google+, will develop their own social network  +
2011/07/17/2134/link +Will you be a "known traveller"?  +
2011/07/17/2154/link +A research revolution to save the planet  +
2011/07/17/2206/link +Executing Saddam Hussein was an Act of Vandalism  +
2011/07/18/2046/link +Cousin admits role in NYC subway terror plot  +
2011/07/19/0814/link +Finland's Internet service provider refuses to block The Pirate Bay  +
2011/07/19/0831/link +News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead  +
2011/07/19/0838/link +News Corp shares fall as pressure grows  +
2011/07/19/1228/link +Pilot drives 6,000 mi to protest TSA   +
2011/07/19/1347/link +Too Big To Fail?: 10 Banks Own 77 Percent Of All U.S. Banking Assets  +
2011/07/19/1403/link +Woman boards plane with 3-inch knife TWICE but TSA plays it down because explosives are 'biggest threat'  +
2011/07/19/1413/link +GOP Rep. Steve King Would Reject Debt Ceiling Deal With $3 Trillion In Cuts And Just $8 In Revenue Increases  +
2011/07/19/1425/link +Cantor Says Obama Stormed Out Of Debt Ceiling Meeting, As All Progress In Talks "Erased"  +
2011/07/19/1439/link +The Debt Ceiling: Why Obama Should Just Ignore It  +
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