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2000/08/18/Wake up parents +"[[US/education/primary/public|Schools]] have already taken over the decision as to when and in what manner your child will be introduced to sex. Some schools are teaching various techniques of [[homosexual]] acts and some have gay activists visiting the schools, passing out cards giving the addresses of local homosexual hangouts."  +
2007-12-31 Liberals Against Diversity +“The ''[[New York Times]]'' op-ed page is trying to go from bad to diverse. The page has hired [[William Kristol]], editor of ''[[The Weekly Standard]]'', as a weekly columnist, starting next Monday. The Politico reports that word of the hiring "caused a frenzy in the liberal blogosphere Friday night, with threats of canceling subscriptions and claims that the Gray Lady had been hijacked by neo-cons"”  +
2008/07/11/HYSTERIA MARKS MYERS AND HIS ILK +"Yesterday, [[Catholic League (US)|Catholic League]] president [[Bill Donohue]] issued a news release calling attention to the plea that [[PZ Myers|Paul Zachary Myers]] made on his blog: he solicited the Communion Host for the express purpose of desecrating it. Donohue now responds to the reaction he has received from the University of Minnesota Morris professor, as well as others:"  +
2008/07/15/Much ado about transubstantiation +"In [ the previous post], I suggested that the [[Roman Catholic]] doctrine of [[transubstantiation]], which asserts that when the priest during the communion service consecrates the bread and wine, ''the bread becomes the actual body of Jesus and the wine becomes his actual blood'', was a fairly bizarre thing to believe in this day and age and raised the possibility that perhaps even Catholics did not really believe in it but were just humoring the church by going along with a doctrine that came into being a long time ago."  +
2009/04/Assessment of Minimum Income Schemes in Spain +"...this report points out the need to make progress in cover for situations of social exclusion and need. It also makes clear that wide-reaching protective cover (such as [[Spain]]'s) for situations of need is not enough if unaccompanied by quality services or enhanced protective intensity with a view to surmounting the situation of relative poverty. Nor is it sufficient if unaccompanied by real opportunities to enter the labour market."  +
2010/12/09/Voters Say Election Full of Misleading and False Information +Those who watched [[Fox News]] almost daily were significantly more likely than those who never watched it to believe that a number of false statements relevant to the election were, in fact, true.  +
2011/05/27/Water Use May Decide Future of Centralized Solar Power +"[[nuclear power|Nuclear]] and [[coal power|coal]] may be big offenders, but wet-cooled [[solar power/heat engine|concentrating solar power]] [[water conservation|uses even more water]] per MWh of electricity generated. Dry-cooled CSP cuts water consumption significantly, but it's still far more than solar power from [[solar power/photovoltaic|photovoltaics]] (or [[wind power]])."  +
2011/06/Overworked America +"Why "efficiency" and "productivity" really mean more profits for corporations and less sanity for you."  +
2011/07/02/14 propaganda techniques Fox "News" uses to brainwash Americans +"Panic mongering, character assassination, and scapegoating are just three of the techniques [[Fox News]] relies on to drive its right-wing agenda forward."  +
2011/07/13/What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund +"I cannot guarantee that those checks [he included veterans and the disabled, in addition to Social Security] go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it." "...either [[Barack Obama|Obama]] and [[Timothy Geithner|Geithner]] are lying to us now, or they and all defenders of the [[topic::US/Social Security|Social Security]] status quo have been lying to us for decades. It must be one or the other."  +
2011/07/17/1827/link +eight moral/political lessons taught by the ''Harry Potter'' series  +
2011/07/17/1834/link +Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have taught a computer how to play strategy game ''Civilization'' by providing it with the game's instruction manual.  +
2011/07/17/1945/link +19 common reasons that people stay with abusers  +
2011/07/17/1956/link +The insanity of the GOP, which many people are finally just noticing, has been building gradually for a long time.  +
2011/07/17/2038/link +Renowned hacker group Anonymous revealed yesterday that its Google+ profile has been removed and that their Gmail account has been blocked as well. Google claims that the profile and account go against "Community Standards" and has shut down most, if not all, profiles related to Anonymous.  +
2011/07/17/2134/link +Earlier this month, the US Travel Association released the results of a survey that found that 45 percent of respondents would pay a fee of "up to" $150 for a background check and verification program that would allow them to speed through airport security. On Friday, America's Transportation Security Administration announced that this Fall, it will move ahead with a plan to test just such a program.  +
2011/07/17/2154/link +If promises are kept, development finance is set to rise to $100bn. Shouldn't we be investing this money in developing clean technologies?  +
2011/07/17/2206/link +The obvious objections to the execution of Saddam Hussein are valid and well aired. ... But I want to add another and less obvious reason why we should not have executed Saddam Hussein. His mind would have been a unique resource for historical, political and psychological research: a resource that is now forever unavailable to scholars.  +
2011/07/18/2046/link +A cousin of admitted terrorist Najibullah Zazi publicly revealed for the first time Monday that he was in on Zazi's chilling 2009 plot to attack New York City subways with suicide bombers.  +
2011/07/19/0814/link +In May, copyright holders sued Internet service provider Elisa, one of Finland's largest, to get the provider to block access to torrent site The Pirate Bay due to charges of media piracy. Finnish public service media company YLE reports that Elisa refuses to comply with such claims, however, citing the technical difficulty of compliance.  +
2011/07/19/0831/link +Sean Hoare, the former ''News of the World'' showbusiness reporter who was the first named journalist to allege that Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff, has been found dead.  +
2011/07/19/0838/link +Shares in News Corporation have fallen 4.3% in New York amid mounting pressure as the phone-hacking scandal develops.  +
2011/07/19/1347/link +Congress was told that if the "too big to fail" banks did not receive bailouts that there would be chaos in the streets and this country would plunge into another Great Depression. Since that time, however, essentially no efforts have been made to decentralize the U.S. banking system. Instead, the "too big to fail" banks just keep getting larger and larger and larger.  +
2011/07/19/1403/link +An Indianapolis woman was shocked to discover she had been able to board a plane with a three-inch knife in her carry-on bag not once, but twice.  +
2011/07/19/1425/link +House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters that President Obama walked out "angrily" from a meeting on the debt ceiling; Democratic aides say that Cantor was rude and Obama merely ended the meeting for the day.  +
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