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The article mentions another case in which the victim's mother was blamed.


 When postedTitle
2011/07/27/1058/link18 July 2011Prosecuting the victim, absolving the perpetrators


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Article typeIn-depth +
AuthorRalph Ellis +
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PublicationAtlanta Journal-Constitution +
Sub-headlinePedestrians make life, death decisions to cross suburbs +
SummaryJaywalkers have migrated to the [[subu
Jaywalkers have migrated to the suburbs. They venture across four- to eight-lane roads, often not using crosswalks, pausing on the raised medians or the middle “suicide lanes” to look for a break in traffic as cars whiz by. Sometimes the crossings end tragically, as it did last month for a young mother who watched her 4-year-old son killed in the road.
hed her 4-year-old son killed in the road. +
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Titleheadline::Jaywalkers take deadly risks +
TopicJaywalking +, Raquel Nelson homicide conviction +, Public transportation +, Bus stops +, Blame the victim +, Blogosphere +, Bad design + and Pedestrian fatalities +
When posted14 May 2010 14:48:00 +
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http://www.ajc.com/news/jaywalkers-take-deadly-risks-527488.html +